Novisyn+ is one of our unique and innovative products that falls under the umbrella of Fulcrum Health Ltd, a speciality healthcare company providing a range of natural Hyaluronan products to consumers.  The strength of Fulcrum Health is its experience in the pharmaceutical and health-care industry and in international trade. The company develops and markets pharmaceuticals and healthcare products selling across the globe.

Founded in 1996 by a UK scientist committed to offering the very best quality & excellence in the very latest natural supplement innovations on the market.  ‘The natural world is amazing and we have still only discovered half of what it can offer’, wise words from a true gent!

The rest of the Fulcrum team is made up of pharmacists, marketing guru’s  & business entrepreneurs, generally a well-travelled happy bunch who all have one thing in common, to bring amazing products to amazing people.

Watch this space for more exciting products that are currently in our heads and on paper, greatness in the making.