A specific gel for foot care.

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Specifically designed to treat connective tissue damaged by friction and stress suffered by the foot from sports footwear compression and rubbing.  Novisport Feet Relief Gel works by performing an effective calming & soothing action and is rapidly absorbed rapidly helping with the reduction of swelling and soreness. The moisturising components in Novisport Feet Relief Gel also gives a soft, pleasant feel and leaves the skin smooth and does not require much massaging.
Hyaluronan, Glycolic extract of calendula + glycyrrhetic acid + bisabolol (a calming/soothing action reducing skin inflammations, performing a softening effect which is especially useful in the most delicate skin areas), Glycolic extract of arnica + glycolic extract of witch-hazel (with anti-swelling properties, they help to rapidly alleviate pain. These adjuvants are regularly used in the treatment of acute traumatic lymphoedema (caused by bone fractures, pulled muscles, acute capsuloligamentous disorders or ligament laxity), hard post-traumatic lymphoedema (caused by bruises or sprains), and lymphoedema caused by plaster casts or lengthy immobilisation), Vitamin A (antioxidant action which protects the cells against aging and the degenerative damage, promoting tissue growth and repair (epidermal level). Together with Hyaluronan, which acts at dermal level, it makes Novisport Foot Soreness Relief Gel particularly useful in cases of de-epithelialisation caused by minor traumas).